Bread Box

by Lambdafarm on June 3, 2011

I have a dog who is an Australian Cattle Dog, a red heeler.  She had puppies by a travelin’ man, who appeared to be a lab with a curly tail.  Well, the puppy, Star, is already larger than her mother and Star is only 5 months old!  I have always kept my bread on the top of the refridgerator, but it is appearent the way Star is growing that is not going to be safe much longer.

I built a breadbox to solve that problem.  It is more of a bread safe, but it does keep the dogs out of the bread.  I put a latch on it, since Star is smart enough to figure out how to open it otherwise.

Star and bread boxHere is Star and the breadbox.  Star was not able to get into the bread, although she investigated the box and tried.

bread box

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