Dealing with Scraps

by Lambdafarm on June 10, 2011

I have heard it said that woodworkers do not have scraps, they just have smaller and smaller pieces of wood.  I have lots of small pieces of wood.  I do not have a fireplace since I would rarely need one — it is often 80 degrees in January.  That means designer firewood is out.  I am moving my library to make my smallest bedroom into a wood shop that will primarily be using hand tools.  The exception will be the scroll saw, drill, and random orbital sander, at least for now. The table saw will be dragged outside to use, as it is too messy to use in the house.

As part of that move, I am constructing wood containment devices, better known as scrap bins.  I am using materials on hand, so they are a bit rustic, but they do hold the small pieces of wood.  Now I just have to make the time to sit and sort the wood into the appropriate bin.  My puppy, who is about six months old, loves to “help” me by catching flying pieces of wood and chewing on them.  I am teaching her the difference between my toys and hers, but it is slow going.

Here is a picture taken on my cell phone (insert sheepish look here) of four of the bins.  The other four all all the smaller size — 2 ft. long, 2 ft high, and one ft. wide.  How do you deal with your small pieces of wood?

Wood containment devices

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