Fixin to Start

by Lambdafarm on September 10, 2011

I have finally gotten all of the junk and bookcases full of books out of the wood shop to be.  Now I just have to build the counters and tool cabinets, and it will be ready to go.  Of course, the counters and tool cabinets represent a lot of work, so it isn’t that simple.

This is a very small bedroom, about 10 X 10.  One wall now has the wood bins and shelves.  One side has the closet door and a book case for my woodworking books and magazines.

I am planning an L shaped counter, with one leg 8 feet long and the other six feet long.  I am building it three feet high and two feet wide.  For now, I will use plan old 1 inch plywood, 2X4s, and 4X4 lumber to build a cabinet with a shelf 1 foot off the ground and the top will be three feet tall.

The short end will hold the scroll saw, drill press, drill, and orbital sander.  That is the power tool ghetto.  The rest of the tools will be in cabinets on the wall.

Of course, this is going to take me a while to build, because I am slow and because I have to get the wood a little at a time.  It takes me twice as long to do something because I am learning as I go.  At least when I get this all done, I should be a better woodworker!

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