Practicing Mortise and Tenons

by Lambdafarm on January 4, 2012

I am building a workbench for my wood shop.  It is more of a counter, really, to be made with 4 X 4 posts on each end and in the middle, with 2 X 4s as the scaffolding, then one inch plywood on the top and on a bottom shelf.  Not as nice as a beech or hard maple work bench a la Christopher Schartz, but what I can afford.  However, I have to make 24 mortise and tenon joints.  Since I do not have a mortise machine, that means drilling and chopping out the waste with a chisel.  This is going to be a long few days, but I should have a sturdy work space after I am finished. At least, that is the plan.  And, as a side benefit, I will be getting lots of practice at making a fundamental joint for woodworking.

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