Shaving Horse Frustrations

by Lambdafarm on May 9, 2011

Sometimes in woodworking, especially at the beginner level, you learn a lot from your failures and difficulties.  I seem to have signed up for a college class in these with the shaving horse bench.  First, I broke a tenon off in the mortise because I was too rough, so got to drill another hole.  Now I have one leg fitted and installed.  I have cut the tenons on two other ones and they await sanding to final fit.  The last one, though, is a problem.

The wood is very hard and I am having trouble cutting the tenon.  I want badly to finish the bench so I can do the top assembly and start using the bench.  I am sure if I knew more I could get this done easier, but I suppose I am learning a lot in the process.  At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

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