Tabletop Catapult

by Lambdafarm on September 13, 2011

Sometimes you think better while your hands are busy.  I built this little tabletop catapult, a trebuchet, Sunday while I was thinking.  I found that 1)I reaffirmed that I am not a very good carpenter, and 2)when I build a man sized catapult I will know a lot more about how to build one correctly.  I am now in search of a counterweight that is 3.3 lbs but small enough to fit comfortably on the arm and rotate around at high speed.  The plans look like they call for a lead weight and were for a science class where such a thing might exist.  I don’t have one, though, so am looking for something similar.  Then I can see just how far this can chunk something.  Now that I better understand catapult construction, I plan to build a 7 foot high one to chunk small fruit across the pasture.  That will be this spring’s project, though.

Tabletop catapult

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